You… don’t know… WHERE YOU LIVE!!??

I work in a medical call center.

A mom called last night to schedule her children, and I scheduled them in Location X. She called the Location X direct number, I made a note I confirmed Location X, and always make sure to confirm which office at the end of the call.

She sends a text this morning and it’s a whole catastrophe because she lives in EXACT TOWN as Location Y (key point to the story), and doesn’t want to drive to Location X for the appointments. Understandable. It was a huge ordeal, but I accepted blame for the mistake.

Whatever, it happens.

Anyway, I call the mom to try to get the appointments rescheduled at Location Y, but have to leave a message. She calls back and gets my manager…. My manager says, “Sounds like yesterday (my name) confirmed Location X with you??” She goes, “Well yeah… but I thought that’s the town I live in.”


Edit: Another key part to the story is that this is not a giant practice with several locations, there are just two. Location X, and Location Y. Another key point is we always have to ask new patients how they heard about our practice for marketing purposes, and she said she is local to the area/drives by the office 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do you think?

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