Why are you adding more steps to this? You’re doing it on purpose

I work at a call center for a power company. Many calls I have are to start or transfer service to new addresses, which is simple enough. All it takes is putting in your info in our system to start service at the new address and boom you get an account number.

What makes it slightly more complicated and lengthy process is when there’s no meter already installed at that location. Many reasons for this could be such as of the caller is building a new home here and there’s just never been service here, the previous owner may have requested the meter to be removed for xyz reason because they’re moving, we may need to upgrade the meter because after so long there’s a new one that we made that helps the process of reading meters easier, etc. many different reasons as to why a meter could not be there.

One customer called in to start service somewhere and she for whatever reason couldn’t grasp that there wasn’t an electric meter at the place she was moving to and we had to put one in. She thought there should be one there already but there just isn’t. So I was explaining to her that we need to do it this way so she can have service. And in order to do that there’s an inspection needed to be done so we can determine where we need to place the meter and if there’d be a power pole needed as well.

Now that just ticked her off and she started yelling saying we’re just making things difficult for her, adding more requirements just because we like making things more difficult for people. At this point I start to just tune her out because this is pointless and also nothing I haven’t heard before, honestly. At this time too she wanted us to just delete the order we already have placed to get her service on so she can talk to her husband about it first to see what they want to do.

I tried warning her stating if we delete the order now then it could delay in getting her service on even longer since we have to start the process over from scratch if we do so. She was having none of it and still yelled at me to delete the order.

I mentally just said screw it and told her “alright, I can delete it for you if you wish”

She harshly said “just do it.” And hung up the phone. I did and just moved on thinking that she just screwed herself over a bit just because she was mad for a moment.

What do you think?

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