Utility Company

So I work for a Utility company and when storms run through it’s always extension, extension, extension, generally 12-16 hour shifts. Our company also covers multiple states so if any of those get hit, extension!

Got extended last night, and did my time. They tried calling and texting me after 11 PM stating to come in for 6 hours today. I am not. This is not a 24-hour notice, and I am not paid to be on call 24/7. We have emergency teams for that, that we are drafted into 1 month a year.

Also, I am not wasting 6 hours on my day off for customers to call in saying their power is out and they want to know when it will be back. We have SEVERAL ways for customers to check, but for whatever reason, they think talking to us or yelling at us will change anything. They think telling us person A, B, or C is on oxygen will change their priority. It won’t.

If this company doesn’t want to bury the damn lines they need to create a better IVR to handle the overflow of customers and only let them call in emergencies.

And to customers, if a large storm flows through, DUH we know your power is out!

What do you think?

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