TW: suicide, dealing with customers who threaten suicide, let’s talk about it

I just want to vent. To strangers.

Because even if I was listening to myself I don’t know if I could really empathize.

I had a customer threaten to kill himself on the phone with me.

And I know nothing I did or said caused it, logically, and reasonably, I know this.

But my words, my actions, they upset this customer. Whatever I said or did. I go over it over and over and it just freaks me out kinda.

It shook me up, I had to call the police at work and they couldn’t even find the guy- so I got no confirmation that he’s okay. I just hope he said it out of frustration because of where he’s at and he took it out on me.

I replay what I said over and over and it just fucks me up because I ask myself how could I fuck up. What did I say? How could I be so insensitive with my words to push him to say it? I am so angry and ashamed and I know I didn’t do anything to cause this guy’s pain but I feel like I did.

And now I guess I’m just kinda upset for being upset, too. Has anyone dealt with a call like this?

What do you think?

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