Tired of teaching people how to use the internet!

I work for a broadband/cable provider and I’m so sick and tired of teaching people how to use the Internet especially boomers and above! They want to use all this technology but don’t have the first clue on how to work it and don’t care too either…ie firesticks,roku’s,laptops,phones and etc! Then they get mad that the “internet” isn’t working! They make passwords they can’t remember(or don’t capitalize where they need too and so forth),load phones,firesticks with 100’s of apps,never reboot their devices..then scream the internet isn’t working! They get pissed off that they have to wait an hour on hold just to get to someone ….well ya know if you would just learn the basics of the internet and device care we wouldn’t have the amount of call volumes we do! We could eliminate probably 1000’s of calls a day if people would just learn how devices and the internet work!

What do you think?

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