I’ve created a list of caller types – feel free to add!

After 20+ years of call center work, I’ve played around with a list of caller types. I’m sure there are more, feel free to add.

Rambler: The issue may require 7 words to explain, but this customer takes 5 minutes or more. Usually they insist they are in a rush but spend 20 minutes describing a basic issue.

Fixer: The issue is explained and solution is guessed, repeatedly, not giving you time to research or space to answer.

Verizon: follows up on introduction asking “can you hear me?!” after a one second delay.

Sour sugar: this caller begins with fancy how do you dos but if you give any bad news they immediately and harshly berate you.

Space Invaders: these mf’s come at you from the get go. They attempt to offend in every way to gain control and resolution. These customers ultimately feel as if you, yourself owe them something.

What do you think?

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