I really hate this job, here’s ridiculous complaints of my customers

“I want to talk to your supervisor because your systems broken and didn’t generate my payoff correctly. I paid my mortgage and requested a payoff on the same day, and I want you to remove the 30 dollar charge and generate a new payoff for me” (we legally cannot remove the 30 dollar charge it’s California state law)

(After telling customer I can’t waive a second late fee in a row) “I want to speak to your supervisor, you’re not doing your job, it’s your job to make me happy and I’m not happy, I forgot to make my payment because I didn’t put it in my phone, so I need you to waive this 25 dollar fee so I can afford dinner.” (This was on a mortgage for 3.5k, and she’s already had a late fee waived for the year.)

“YOUR APP IS DOWN AND HAS BEEN DOWN FOR 3 DAYS YOU FUCKING DOUCHE BAG” (asked him to repeat himself since I didn’t hear what he said as he is screaming at me.) “ I said shut your fucking mouth, and get me to someone who can make the app work because it’s not you! Retard” (Transferred him to a different company)

“Your payment system didn’t pull my payment in time you worthless cunt, I’m going to come down to your office and shoot you.”

There’s a lot more but these are the most recent

What do you think?

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