I Actually Work in A Good Call Center

I use to work in an AT&T call center. It was the only time in my life I was ever depressed. It was truly an awful experience. I couldn’t eat properly, I was losing a lot of weight, I had to have a talk with my mother EVERY SINGLE DAY just to keep me going.

Then I got a call from a place that saved me. I still take calls but I don’t even want to describe it as a “Call Center”

For example:
-I actually learnt everything I needed to learn in training… every single thing

-I rarely have to transfer to a supervisor as most calls I can handle on my own and like 98% of the customer are really calm collected people

-We are actually treated like real human beings.. they have a genuine concern about our mental and physical well-being and understand that we’re not robots

-We actually DO do fun things there all the time (dedicated video games room, on site gym, quarterly parties, etc)

I think I got it as good as call centers can be

What do you think?

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