Customers calling when they’re busy/unavailable?!

I work for a telecoms company here in the UK in a very customer centric/customer facing role. In average, I speak with up to 20 people per day or more depending on how long my calls are.

Anyway, I ALWAYS seem to get people that will call when they’re clearly busy or otherwise occupied, and don’t have much time to wait on the phone. I shit you not, I had this one woman who had called me the other week who was in the middle of tending to some horses in a stable. She kept making jibes about how he “really couldn’t be on the phone for too long” as she was looking after her horses. In fact, I even had one this evening where the conversation went something to the effect of:

Customer: I’m having problems with my broadband being cancelled without my say so and want to make sure it’s not going to go off.

Me: No problem, I can certainly have a look into that for you, please bare with me while I have a talk with a colleague of mine.

(For reference, the company I work for deals with home broadband aswell as mobile/data and each individual area of the business has its own department)

Customer: Now listen Elle, you ARE NOT going to keep me on the phone all evening because I have guests over and I don’t have time for this!

Me: Okay, yes, I can call you back, no problem….

Okay so, two things obviously spring to mind. The first is that I didn’t say I would be leaving him on hold for a long time whatsoever. Secondly, why the FUCK would you be calling me if you’re so incredibly busy and don’t have time? How thick are these people? Either call me at a time when you’re not going to rush me to do my job, or don’t call me at all.

What do you think?

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