64 Minutes and Still Couldn’t Solve it 🤮

We all have *those* calls.

You know the ones.

Today I got 2 calls from the same person — a sales agent who was stuck in the hospital with an amputated arm. At approximately 3 pm she called to tell me her password wasn’t working. “They changed it earlier today but it didn’t work.”

Already I could tell I was going to hate this. Normally when I get a password call, we change it, give it to the agent, and everything is good. It’s that 1% of the time it doesn’t work that I dread…and this is one of those 1%.

I get her a new password. She keeps misheard me, which gets me frustrated. I keep repeating myself but she doesn’t get it. I offer to email the password to her but she declined, and said she’d try another call center agent — which I have no problem with. So she hangs up.

I should point out that my threshold for nonsense is very low, so I’m already irritated.

Well, at 3:30 or so, I get another call, and what do you know — it’s her. *Headdesk*

I tell her to restart her iPad. Doesn’t work. I get her a new password. Doesn’t work. I ask what version of ios she is using, and it’s up to date. I ask her what version of the program she is using but neither of us knows how to check.

Finally, I put her on hold to ask my colleagues. Several minutes later someone says to empty her browser history.

I tell the agent, “Lady, empty your browser history.” She doesn’t know how, so we have to ask a hospital nurse to help her out.

After restarting the iPad one more time, we load up the program and IT WORKS!!!! Except no it doesn’t 🤦‍♂️

I tell the agent that tech support has already logged out, so there is nothing more we can do. 64 minutes after she called again, I was finally free of her…with nothing to show for it.

I utterly despise tech calls. JUST WORK THE WAY YOURE SUPPOSED TO!!!!!!!

What do you think?

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