Weird reverb on the back

I received this call on my first job at a all center (it was an airline company). The airline’s main language is not English, and I was in the bilingual department, so I received very few calls per day.

The call came in around noon, and it seemed pretty normal at the beginning: a guy called to quote various flights. After he asks for the third or fourth flight, there is a reverberating sound from his side of the line and he asks me if I could hold for a couple of minutes. It seemed like he placed the phone somewhere, and then I started to hear slightly breathing noises, for about 2 or 3 minutes, then silence. I asked if he was still there, and like if he was far away from the phone I hear something like “yeah, please give me two more minutes”. Rule was to wait up to 5 minutes and then hung up if the user was unresponsive, but I really thought he was going to buy at least one flight, so I waited. A couple minutes after he comes back, reverberating sound still on, he sounds tired (like he was exercising) and says “thank you, X, you’ve been amazing. I’ll check other options and call you back later”, and hungs up.

At first I thought he was just taking a dump while with me on the phone, but after sharing this weird call with my coworkers, one of them tells me that she received a similar call last week, and another one says she received it too a couple of weeks before. Whenever a male rep answered, he hung up and called again. He used to call about once a week, around the same time, and we conclude that for him it was cheaper to call a free toll airline than an erotic line.

What do you think?

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