Technically challenged!

I work for a big box retailer so we don’t do a lot of technical support, but we do have to assist with some minor issues, like signing up for an account on the website, password resets, getting their return started online, etc.. I don’t get frustrated if they tell me they aren’t good with computers or their technical skills are lacking. I get it, and it’s OK, but…… it frustrates the hell out of me, when I’m giving them step by step, very simple instructions, and most of the time I’m even doing the same thing on my screen and they just **don’t frickin listen**. It should NOT be that hard to follow simple instructions, one step at a time.

I had three of those calls today. Ugggg and they were the most basic things and obviously they weren’t computer illiterate, but had a listening problem!

What do you think?

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