Strong man hurts my feelings

Had a man call up asking about a small issue that we quickly fixed surrounding maintaining his insurance cover. He’s had a workplace injury occur and is currently on work-cover with reduced income being supplemented, may not be able to return to his industry and most likely any physical labour, he is in his early 40s.

He also came home the other day to find his partner who has terminal cancer suffering from cardiac arrest, overdose from morphine and foaming from the mouth. Had several of his mates pass away recently for different reasons and sounds like he is really, really doing it tough.

What hurts me is seeing him be strong or at least portray himself as dealing with it and being casual although it’s evident he isn’t okay.

It’s beyond my scope of work talking him through these things and trying to be encouraging, referring to some helplines and just trying to be supportive. But it’s just hard not to not feel for a person like this whose life turns to absolute shit through no fault of his own, and he didn’t really ask for help or support besides his initial enquiry.
We do get enquiries that can be quite morbid and I can emotionally distance myself but this got me.

Just wanted to get this off my chest because it kinda hit me and has been on my mind. Hope others had some feel good calls today, even a lame eye roll joke you’ve heard 99 million times it’s better than the depressing stories.

What do you think?

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