revenge on customers

Have you ever taken revenge on an especially annoying caller?

I used to work at the call center for the electric utility company. One day this grade A karen calls to change the date of her meter reading (happens once every 2 years) for her second apartment by the sea. So this lady basically wants us the change the date of the reading for a whole street just because it’s inconvenient to go to her second apartment in the winter, when she’s not staying there. I tell her it’s impossible, she gets super pissed and files a complaint against me.

Luckily I had all of her info saved, also her home address. So, I just decided to start sending her mail from the electric company. Leaflets about how to read your meter, about the steps to activate your gas connection, on how to operate your pre-paid meter ( this pissed her or the most because it’s for “poor people”). Every time I had a bad day she’d receive a big old stack of papers.

I quit not long after, but I knew you didn’t have to work at the company to order these leaflets/brochures. On a little known page of the company website is a corner where you can order as much of any documentation you like. Just pop in the address, enter the address and done.

This lady has been receiving packages for 7 years. She must have received at least 150-200 of them. Nobody can ever find it was me, because the address she receives them on is not the address she originally called for, so they can’t trace it back. I had an ex-colleague check: so far she has lodged 12 official complaints. She’s sure someone at the company has a grudge against her. Her complaints have been classified as inadmissible, because they can’t find out whose been doing it, and they don’t think anyone could be so petty. I am, and will continue to be, so petty.

Have you ever taken revenge on a customer?

What do you think?

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