Look At Your Damn Bill: A Rant

*Why is my bill so high?*: **Look at your bill!**

*How come I paid $150 last month, but $170 this month?* **Look at your bill!**

*Why was I charged an extra $10 this month?* **Look at your bill!**

*I just started service with you, how much do I owe?* **Look at your bill!**

*How much is taxes?* **Look at your bill!**

*Why did you guys take out $145 this month? Last month it was only $72.50*. **Look at your bill!**

*Why is my service off? I pay y’all $120 every month!* **Look at your bill!**

*I don’t understand how I am paying so much!* **Look at your bill!**

I swear. 50% of my job seems to be me reading people’s bill to them. Because they won’t simply *look* at the bill. My company will mail a bill right to your mailbox so you can hold it in your hand, stick it on the fridge, or frame it in your living room if you want. If you don’t want that, you can sign into your account and look at not only your current bill, but previous bills, too! But nope, people just sign up for service, hear one set number from the sales rep, and assume that will be all they will pay indefinitely until Kingdome Come.

Why is your bill so high? Gee, I dunno, why don’t you look at it? You’ll see a list of everything you are paying for, how much it is individually, and what all those charges total. That’s why your bill is the way that it is. Bill more than expected? Look at the bill! You may be surprised to see a late fee which might also be related to why your bill mysteriously seems double this month. I know it’s hard to believe, but even if in your heart you felt that you paid the bill last month, you probably actually didn’t and you got smacked with a late fee and a balance forward. If you’ve been doing this for a while and missed a few payments, you’ll eventually notice none of your service works because we aren’t giving you service out of the kindness of our hearts. Of course, sometimes the cost of services rises because when we signed you up for a promo, it had an expiration date, which we kindly warned you was fast approaching for the past six months but you didn’t bother to actually look at the bill to notice it. No, the promo is *not* in fact the price it is “supposed to be.” It’s a promo. The high price is the normal price. Also, there’s just the passage of time during which the costs of things increase like in every other facet of society, but we do like to let you know ahead of time when prices go up…on the bill, of course, which you must look at to see.

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