Death threats at my call center

Sorry about the clickbait title, I don’t know what to call it without it being clickbait since the whole affair is so absurd.

About two years ago I worked for a call center which among other things worked support for a chain of grocery stores which also does home deliveries. One day an absolutely irate asshole called, the call went to my calm and collected colleague who did the usual routine: “Hi, welcome to [swedish grocery store] online shopping, how can I help you?”. Thats about the only thing I hear from my colleague since apparently the caller goes off about how an item was missing from his order (a cucumber or something insignificant really), my colleague tries to interject about how they can reimburse the caller but the caller is having none of it and just keeps screaming, eventually ending the call with “I WILL KILL YOU”.

After the whole exchange my colleague just sits dumbfounded in his chair for a while so we ask him what’s up and he just responds “He just threatened to kill me”, we asked if it was phrased like “I hope you all die” but no, it was “I will kill you”. Now the ABSOLUTE best (worst) thing about this is our boss overhearing us saying “Shit that’s awful, we have his name, adress etc., you should report him to the police for your own safety” and in turn she goes “NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT IT WOULD LOOK BAD FOR THE BRAND”.

It didn’t surprise me that much later on when that same boss lied to us about various things so she could keep her numbers up, drove people to depression, selfharm and to quit.

Thanks for listening to my absurd tale from swedish customer support

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