Customer steals friends ID. Friend needs it to see dying relative.

So for reference I work in a call centre taking restaurant bookings but quite often people don’t realise they’re talking to a 3rd party agency.

I have many stories to tell but this one is the most recent.

We’ll call the customer A.

A (17) steals her friend’s passport and comes to our restaurant/cocktail lounge on a Friday night. Due to strict under 18s policy, she wouldn’t have been allowed in without one. As its obviously not her ID, it gets confiscated.

On Saturday, A’s dad calls through to me. A is back at the restaurant and is absolutely infuriated we won’t give it back to her. A’s dad acknowledges his daughter was “an absolute twit” but the passport needs to be returned as her friend is due to fly out that day to see a dying relative.

I explain that under the law, the passport can only be returned to its rightful owner and its the friend who needs to come pick it up not A. A’s dad puts me on hold whilst he relays this to A.

A is pissed. She takes the phone and informs me her friend doesn’t know she took the passport and her friend lives over 2 hours away with no car therefore we absolutely need to give it to her as she’ll miss her flight if she comes to our venue to collect it.

I inform A there’s no other way. She used it illegally therefore we can’t give it back to her. A swears she’ll never use it again, I have to tell her no and once again repeat that her friend needs to collect it. A’s dad takes the phone, thanks me and hangs up.

About an hour later, the friend calls up my colleague. He puts her on hold and whilst he’s explaining what he needs help with, I realise it’s the friend of A so I tell him I’ll take her call.

When I pick it up, I inform her of the conversation with her friend and that only her can collect it. She relays why she needs it (flight that day, dying grandma). I tell her there’s no other option unfortunately. She bursts into tears on the phone so I put her on hold and asks my manager if there’s anything we can do. Only other choice is to mail it bit obviously it wouldn’t get to her today. I tell the friend this (she’s still crying). She says OK and hangs up.

Absolutely shitty situation there. Had to take a smoke break afterwards to deal with it. I’ve dealt with all kinds of customers (Karen’s, customer complaints of discrimination, spikings ect.) but that one got to me as I had a bereavement in the family only a few weeks earlier. The absolute entitlement and audacity of that customer really fucking annoyed me. I hope her friend cut her off after that.

What do you think?

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