But I have an accout with youuuuu

I work in inbound insurance.

From time to time, we get callers that are not our customets. How they get trough the prompts, the holding message that keep repeating how great our product at InsuranceCyric are and my greeting where I say the name of our company without realising they are not at Wronginsuranceinc slways baffle me.

Most people apologize, we find which company they have insurance with and send them on their merryway.

However, some caller absolutely cannot comprehend that they are NOT at the right place.

* Did I call Wronginsuranceinc?

-No Mam, this is Insuranceinc.

-But my insurance are with WronginsuranceInc, how come you refuse to help me?

-The account number you gave me has letter, 3 Umlauts and a squiggly in it, our accoubt number are made of X diguts and only digits. We have nocustomer with your name either. And you card say Wronginsuranceinc. Please call your insurance at (number I just took from their insurance website by googling it).

-This is an outrage!! I DEMAND to speak to a supervisor!!

-Since you are not one of our customer, you will have to contact your own insurance in order to be helped. I will now end this call as I cannit provided further help to you.

Am I the only one that make sure to call the right place, account number in hand before giving private information?

What do you think?

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