“Why did my bill go up?”

Work for an electric utility company and the most frequent calls I get are discussing bills. Today I had a customer call in to see why her bill was so high compared to the last bill. Call went more or less like this.

C is customer and M is me.

M: hello thanks for calling, how can I help you?

C: I called because my bill was so high, why did you charge me 2 more dollars than last month?

Confused as to why someone would want to call in to complain about two dollars, I looked into it.

M: I’m glad to look into it for you, shows you were charged $60 this month and to confirm last month you were charged $58.

C: yes, now why did you all charge more this month for me?

M: Well as it seems you did use almost the same amount of electricity this month, however just a little bit more than last month.

C: I did try to use less and I bought more efficient light bulbs, I guess they didn’t work?

M: they may have but there are other ways in using more electricity, typically through people’s appliances is where we all use more power.

After a while of going back and forth of me giving more explanation and her asking the same questions she gets annoyed.

C: Well you may not do this but at my age I’m getting old and I watch my finances like a hawk. Sorry to bother you then.

And she promptly hangs up the phone. I can only wish that my electric bill is that low. I kept wanting to ask her if she simply sneezed and forgot to turn off the tv one night or something.

What do you think?

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