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I wanna start off by saying I dont care about “tiers” but the word helps give context. I work for a company on the payments team, and today I got a call from a tier 1 associate. This associate was wanting me to refund a CX for an item they claimed was returned.I explained to the associate that I’d be more than happy to help I just have to call the store and confirm item is returned and then I will go ahead and refund the CX and send them an email confirmation and say have a good day.

The associate insists to stay on the line, so I call the store and no answer. I explained that unfortunately I cant refund the CX because I cant confirm the item was returned. So the associate conferences in the CX and has me explain to them why I cant refund. After explaining this to the CX the associate proceeds to tell the CX that I dont want to help them and that its not company policy, and that I should better help the CX today.

I sternly let both the CX and associate know that it is indeed company policy to confirm items were returned before issuing refunds. Associate ended the call. I later looked on the CX account and the associate called 3 more times trying to get this item refunded until someone did.

Tier one dose not have the ability to refund so they have to go through us. It really rubbed me the wrong way when they were misinforming the Cx imfront of me and when I correct them I come off as a jerk.. oh well vodka is good.

What do you think?

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