“There are absolutely no underground cables of any sort in this street!”

I’m new and in sales, previously used to get frustrated with arseholes as I’d still try my best to help them. My new method is to just stop caring and go robotic if they’re trying to pick a fight.

I can sell broadband for 2 companies as they are merged together but still use different systems. First company wouldn’t proceed as the landline number didn’t match the address. So I try the other company as this man is spitting with rage that I asked him to repeat his details.

Other company shows that there’s a line installed but was stopped in January. Arse claims that’s not true and it’s still running. He’s most likely lying here because if he’s been cut off for whatever reason, that would be why his number is no longer linked to that address, and it will be lost to the abyss forever. Doesn’t matter to me, I don’t have to tell him that. My guess is he rage quit his broadband before finding a new supplier.

After a lot of pointless arguing over stupid stuff, more arguing happens.

Arse: what’s the process that will happen then?

Me: we will activate the line, you will have to contact your supplier to cancel your current contract

Arse: the line is already active!!

Me: the line we will use isnt active atm, we will activate it

Arse: nonsense there’s only one line and it’s being used right now!

Me: there are multiple lines to your address in that case, we will use a different one

Arse: no there isn’t, I can see I have one line

Me: they’re underground, you can’t see them

Arse: *raises voice* no it’s not!! It’s on a telephone pole to my wall and that’s the only one that’s here and I saw the man install it blah blah blah

Me: it doesn’t matter, an engineer will so-

Arse: I’m telling you there’s no underground cables on this side of the road! Only on the other side! Nothing underground at all!!!!

Me: okay fine, your right, we will activate the cable that’s on the telephone pole (lies, full fibre to the property is underground)

Then he gave up for a bit and asked for the price in writing. Thank God he agreed to email, thought he was gunna be another person who expected me to post them a letter in my free time. Downside is he’s got my email address.

Edit: he’s been emailing me all day and decided to go for it but was too busy for me to call him.

I’ve got holiday booked so can’t call him for a week, warned him the prices probs aren’t gunna be the same by then. He responded:

I’m sure you can keep the price the same for me, if not cheaper.

I replied along the lines of: I can give you the best price that the systems allow me to, but those prices are controlled by *company name* not by me. Eg your package is £36 online right now, but the computer is allowing me the option for reducing it to £29.99. that option will change, and I can’t control when.

Am getting a coworker to call him Monday and she doesn’t take any shit, gave her all the info and that he’s a dick. Pretty sure it’s legit an error that we can do it for 29.99 atm cause the trading packs are listing it as £36 like online so it’s true that probably going to be fixed soon.

What do you think?

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