I work in a call center processing glass claims for insured. I love my job and I am happy in this call center. I work from home, and the company I work for is very VERY good to it’s employees. I have no complaints.

Most of my calls are straightforward. Client has broken glass in their vehicle or RV, they call us, we process a claim and help them get set up with the glass provider of their choice. Easy peasy.

However, as we all know, there are those ‘unreasonable’ sorts. I know, right? Hard to believe!

It is Christmas Eve Eve, and I get a call from someone traveling to Montana for Christmas. They are driving their brand new 2022 Hyundai Tucson. An 18 wheeler passing them on the highway kicked up some sort of debris. It hit their windshield, causing it to crack in several places, then bounced off and hit the driver rear door glass, shattering it. Very scary and quite unfortunate.

FYI for those who get so mad when another driver kicks up a rock from the road….this is no one’s fault. No one can possibly do that on purpose. You yourself have kicked up rocks and dinged a windshield or two, I promise you. It’s a pain to deal with, but don’t curse that driver to everlasting doom. They have no idea what happened.

Okay, on with my story.

The caller is explaining to me what happened, and they are obviously upset. I would be as well. Brand new car, they are on a road trip and it’s nearing a holiday weekend. I begin processing the claim, asking all the right questions. They explain they will arrive at their destination in a few hours and would like to get the windshield and the door glass replaced ASAP. In a perfect world that would be no problem.

As we all know, we are experiencing a shortage of some products, and windshields are one of them. This car is brand new, 2022. There are no aftermarket windshields made for this vehicle yet, which means he must have dealer (OEM) glass. That glass is on backorder. And no random shop is going to have the driver rear door glass in stock. Again, must be ordered from a dealer.

I searched in earnest, knowing already what the answer was going to be. I started explaining to the customer and he started screaming at me, saying his insurance company is a POS, and he pays a lot of money and we just don’t want to fix it. I tried explaining the situation but he was having none of it. I realize the stress he was under and I didn’t take his outburst personally, but all the screaming in the world isn’t going to make OEM glass available.

His wife finally took the phone away from him and asked me what was going on, so I explained again. I did find a shop at their destination who could clean out all the broken glass in the back, and install a heavy duty clear plastic for them. It’s called Crash Wrap. The windshield only had outer layer damage, so I arranged the crash wrap at no charge, and ordered a windshield to be ready back in their hometown for next Thursday, Dec 30th and booked their appointment.

She was so kind, and thanked me for my time….took about 30 minutes, but I helped them and that was my goal. She wished me a Merry Christmas, and her husband was still ranting and raving when we ended the call.

Sorry your car is so brand new dude. Sorry the glass got damaged. But cars can be fixed. Be thankful it wasn’t worse and that your family was still safe.

What do you think?

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