Reading comprehension is hard.

This was a call from a few years ago that I still remember and laugh about now.

Crotchety Old Lady calls in upset that she got a letter stating her payment couldn’t be processed.

When a payment was missed, the letter was automatically generated and mailed. It didn’t matter if the payment was able to be processed a few days later; once a payment was missed, the letter had to be sent.

Me: intro

COL: I want to know why I got this letter in the mail!

She then proceeded to read the **entire** letter with me unable to get a word in.

These letters were form letters – the only things that changed were the customer information, payment amount, etc. They basically said, you missed a payment for X amount on X date, if we do not receive the payment by X date your policy will be cancelled. Very straightforward.

While she was reading the letter, I pulled up her info and saw the payment was able to be taken a few days after it was missed. Nothing else needed to be done, her payments were up to date, policy was active.

I let her finish reading the letter.

COL: So what, now that I submitted a claim, you’re canceling my policy?!?

Me: …….no, not at all. Your payment wasn’t able to be processed the day it was due, [date], but it was taken on [date], so your account is up to date.

COL: Then why did I get this letter saying you’re cancelling my policy?!

Me: The letter is to let you know that we couldn’t process your payment. It gets sent whenever a payment is missed. But the system keeps trying to process your payment, so in this case the letter was sent and later, your payment was able to be taken. We aren’t cancelling your policy, your payments are up to date.

COL: So the next time I have to file a claim, I’m not going to be told that I don’t have a policy with you anymore?

Me: No, your policy is active.

COL: *sounding skeptical* Hmmph, okay then. But I want it in writing that my policy hasn’t been cancelled.

*because I really had a motive for lying to her about her payment information*

Me: Sure, I can send an email stating that your payments are up to date.

And I did. I hope she’s gotten better at understanding letters since then (kidding, I know she hasn’t).

What do you think?

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