Rambling Man I Can’t Help

What aggravates me the most sometimes are not the angry customers, but the clueless ones.

Customer: I filed a claim and haven’t heard from anyone in x amt of time. (Rambles for 5 minutes about what’s happened to his house, which was sad, what his coverage is at (I can’t fix) and all the issues he’s had, not angry, just rambling).

Me: Yes, sir, I’m very sorry to hear that. Do you have your policy number?

Customer: I think I have it somewhere.

*shuffles around*

(Why do you call any line without policy/account number? Always baffles me.)

Customer: Here it is *rattles number off*.

Me: Yes sir, is that your *claim* number?

Customer: Yeah.

Me: *internally screaming* Do you have your ^policy^ number?

Customer: *rattles off number*

So this guy has a policy with a company we associate with, but we can’t access their data in our system. I know instantly the only thing I can do to help this man is to transfer him to them.

Me: Tries to explain.

Customer: Interrupts.

Me: Tries to explain.

Customer: Interrupts.

Me: Silent and waiting.

Customer: Rambles on for ten minutes about everything in his house and personal possession that was damaged.


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