job burnout – have you ever left your call-centre job without a new job lined up? looking for advice

long time lurker, long-term call centre employee, throwaway account (i’m sure title is pretty self explanatory) also, sorry for formatting, i’m on mobile.

i have hit my wits end with this job, i CANNOT do it anymore. i’ve been working 4 years in the billing/account management escalation department for [redacted] mobile carrier, and i am so goddamn exhausted. i’m tired of people who, countless times, will just let their invoicing fall further and further into arrears and then proceed to call in and escalate to us, screaming the most vile, disgusting, disrespectful verbal abuse i have EVER needed to sit through in a working environment.
throughout covid, the people have just gotten nastier and our management and/or policies have not budged at ALL to protect us, our mental health, or our sanity. i’m so tired of people telling me that they “hope my mom will die”, or that I’m the reason people kill themselves; i am a CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE and we are discussing YOUR overdue account. it’s just, it’s too much.

venting aside, i’ve missed a couple days of work now by my own choice, as i’ve basically hit mental collapse. i’ve been crunching numbers, and i CAN afford to quit this job, take my paycheque (and the vacation time they’d owe me that i haven’t yet used this year) to find a new job.
i just moved, i’m in a new city, jobs are most definitely out there.
i just can’t handle the mental turmoil that i am in CONSTANTLY due to this role anymore.
so basically, my question is, have any of you ever left your call centre job without fully having something new lined up yet? how did you feel leaving? was it worth it? how long did it take you to find new work??
i’ll take any comments/advice (albeit kind ones) i can take, because i’m still lying in bed basically in tears and i’m supposed to be signed in taking calls.

edit: i did it. i resigned and it feels amazing.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve been there before after my daughter was attacked by a dog. The company I was working for wasn’t going to give me FMLA or a mental health leave after I had been there 6 years. so i literally said I need a mental health break and let me use my PTO or I quit – they gave me my leave. I never went back at the end of that break.

    Best advicr is You have to do what’s best for you and your health. Maybe try to take a small leave with PTO and see if that helps mentally. Worst case scenario, you don’t go back.

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