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Heya. As always I work for the major emergency roadside assistance (ERS) provider for the U.S. We send you technicians when your car breaks down.
Our cast of characters
Me: myself
OL: Obstinate Lady

Me:Thank you for calling ERS company, this is ME, how can i help you

OL:You need to send me a truck, I have ERS

Me: alrighty, are you in a safe location

OL: yes, have you dispatched a truck yet? How far away are they?

Me: no ma’am first I need a little moreinformation *asks verification info*, oh I see you have a balance due we need to catch you up to day in order to send out service

OL: No, I will not pay $××.×× I will figure this out on my own *hangs up*

2ish hours later
OL: how much does it cost to purchase *service*

Me: will you need to use it or are you purchasing it just due to interest


Me: explains pricing, reveals she actually needs to renew and not purchase a new membership.

OL: Brings up same random price from earlier. Gives up after 5 minutes of me responding the exact same way every time.

Me: takes payment.

OL: *while I am taking payment* have you dispatched a truck yet

Me: no ma’am, I need to know where you are first and get some more information first.

OL: I am not interested in giving you that information until you dispatch a truck for me

Me: okay: asks normal ERS questions

OL: no I will not give you the address of where I am
Have you dispatched a truck yet?

Me: ma’am I need all of the information before I can send a truck out to you x3

OL: no I will not give you the year make and model of my vehicle until you send me a truck.

OL:I don’t know what’s wrong with the car, just send a truck already.

Me: recapping call, doing disclosures

OL: yelling over me, I am not interested in any of this until you send a truck out

Me: ma’am, I can not send a truck out until after we go over this information

Me: finishes up, places call

OL: hangs up.

This all would have gone so much faster if she had just been willing to answer any of the questions. How on earth could I send a truck out when I didn’t have a name let alone an address or even what the freaking issue with the car was in the first place.


What do you think?

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