I think I’m beginning to get more annoyed with my colleagues than customers! Please send help 🤦‍♀️

I swear, I’m losing my fucking shit! I dealt with 5 cases today in which 4 of my colleagues (1 did this on two cases) did not reply to a customer’s email asking for an update on their issue.

These tickets were with our tech team so they could look at customers’ online accounts as vouchers and gift cards were not being applied to orders. It takes 90 fucking seconds to send a customer an email. More often than not we can just copy/paste a template and add our own flair. Something like:

> Dear Mr/s. Smith,
> I am writing to you concerning your issue number 12345. Unfortunately, our tech team are still hard at work trying to resolve this.
> I understand that this is not what you wanted to hear but please be assured that getting a resolution is now our top priority.
> I thank you for patience in this matter and we will assuredly contact you when we have a fix.

That’s it. This is the email. This is what we send. It is a fucking template!!! AAnd not one of the 4 colleagues thought they would update the customer(s).

But no, 4 of the colleagues just wrote a 1 line note on the account (which doesn’t go to the customer so the customer will never know) which reads something like: “tech team still investigating.” ON ONE FUCKING TICKET, 3 COLLEAGUES DID THIS!!!

I am not a manager but if this keeps happening, I’m going to lose my fucking shit. I’ll fire them myself. ^(I mean not really just ranting here.)

But seriously, it isn’t hard to keep the customer updated. These customers didn’t even email every day, they gave us like 3 days minimum before emailing us.

I give up. Totally give up on this job. And I haven’t even done 6 months yet.

Thank you for letting me rant.

What do you think?

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