I love appreciative clients

Goes without saying, right? I know we have a lot to complain about working in call centers but the people that show gratitude are wonderful.

I spent 20 minutes walking someone through a transaction on the website. She was in her 60’s, she was really nervous about it, but couldn’t figure out the phone system and was really doubting herself. So I said I don’t want you to keep going in circles with the phone system, it’s probably not you at all, our phone system can be finicky.. etc etc

Offered to walk her through it online if she was willing. And you know what? It took a little bit but she did great. And she was so proud of herself at the end because it wasn’t as scary or difficult as she thought. She thanked me profusely and all I did was my job. It’s early in my shift and she was just such a pleasant person. Usually I hate calls where I have to walk someone through the website because of handle time and people just don’t want to help me help them (won’t tell me what screen they’re on, won’t troubleshoot, etc) but she was wonderful.

Shout out to the people that recognize there’s a human being on the other end of the call, not just some robot.

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“They never say they’re sorry.”

I think I’m beginning to get more annoyed with my colleagues than customers! Please send help 🤦‍♀️