I can’t see if funds are missing, if your won’t let me actually count the payments…

I work for a company where you can link payment providers to your business online website. I actually generally like this job because 80 percent of conversations are just me helping people get businesses going…

But I got added to our de-escalation queues without also or additional pay with barely a day of training. Oh and I have anxiety so when people yell I tend to cry.

Last week, on my last work day I had 3 se-esc call right after the other because I was the only one available. Ok fine…

But then today. This lady is insisting she is missing money from our payment provider so she is already fuming. I get the call and she thinks I’m a supervisor because that’s who they say us de-esc people are.

So we start off and I start to walk with her through the payments, but I need to do some math to compare the Net income for her whole site and 3 payment options she has attached, to then see what is supposed to be from just ours, to then check.

As I start to go through the math, she interrupts.

Repeatedly. Speaking over me. So math already not my strong suit, ms angry imprimatur lady, also not my strong suit… well now I’m losing track of what I’ve counted what I haven’t.

Finally I try to tell her, I need to go through these calculations to check.

“You should have that already in front of you.”

But no, that’s not how our system works. So I offer to escalate her. We hve an advanced team they work offline though but I can mark her high priority and leave in the notes she wants a call back.

“ no. I’ve been on the phone an hour already, you were supposed to know how to do this, give me their direct line.”

“ they do not have a direct line, but I can send you an email confirming the escalation and that you are marked high priority.”

“Give me their direct line they have one”

“No ma’am they don’t, I can even directly call them because they work different hours and offline”

“That’s not true”

“Ok ma’am, I’ll see what I can do for you and try to transfer you to another supervisor”

I put her right back into the normal de-esc queu. She ends up waiting 40 mins before hanging up.

I finally went through the math without her interrupting impatient higher than though self.

No missing funds. She didn’t count the second one of her payouts.

I laid out all the math so when another de-esc agent called her back he could say,

“Actually ma’am supervisor a was able to run the calculations, once she was able to actually look through everything without interruptions, you have a second page of payout history you were forgetting. “

He lets me know she got real quiet after that.

I was in tears by the end of that call and took a 30 minute break/ refused to answer calls.

I hate de-escalation.

What do you think?

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