How to trick your caller to accidentally telling the truth

A call came in.
‘My name is blah blah,I am trying to do this *medical claim* for my daughters treatment refund but I can’t sign into the website’

I go through all the security process , name , DOB. Security question number/phrase. He gets them right.
The whole time the caller is flooding me with superfluous information… you know, continually talking.

DOB was 1941 on the account….and my caller was sounding significantly younger.

We were parlaying in very basic small talk as I ‘assist’ him…and as part of that say…
“I’m sorry, what was your name again?”

He says… “oh its Michael”.

This was not the name he gave me or was on the account.

-caller was using a common technique where they try to distract you by flooding you with questions or information.

Not today Satan.
Not today

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