Customer doesn’t understand how post-dated bills and linear time works.

I work as a customer care consultant for one of the big telecommunication networks in canada. I handle pretty much anything but tech support issues, so I’ve got a real big list of situations I have to deal with.

Midway through my shift, I got a call from a customer freaking out because his bill is 10$ higher than normal. He states that he called in a month ago and got a new promotion on his account, but it’s not showing up in his bill.

I go looking around for the previous notes, and the guy called in November and got a $15 discount on his security system, to be applied once his current contract ends, Midway through the next bill cycle.

See, how are bills work is that everything is post-dated. This means that your bill shows what you’ll have to pay for the next month, and what changes you made between your last bill and your current bill during that month period. For example if you bought a new cell phone with us a week before your bill comes out, my company would charge you for that week and the whole month on the next bill, it wouldn’t randomly charge you a week worth of cellphone costs on your current bill.

Long story short, because the new promotion only kicked in part way through the month of his current bill, it didn’t reflect on the current bill because it hadn’t taken effect yet. But that means that because it gets applied part way through the bill cycle, the customer would get a credit back on the next bill, based on the promotion divided by how many days were left between the new promotion and when it got applied.

Simple, right?

Hahaha, no. I had to explain to the customer four separate times, crunching all the numbers for his current bill, and his next bill.

Like, time is linear. Which means the customers bill came out weeks ago, and he did talk with the previous customer service agent about all this so how does he not understand how time works?

Of course after the fourth time the customer got mad at me because he thought I was being snippy… And yeah, I got frustrated after telling him a fourth time what the current situation was.

30+ minutes wasted on what was basically $10 worth of extra charge on one bill, which he would be getting back on the next bill!

Ugh, it was just a very frustrating call overall. And of course the customer ended it by saying well I still don’t understand but whatever in a very rude tone, after which he just flat out hung up.

What do you think?

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