can you hear me?

First off, I suck at telling stories, apologies, but this was too funny not to share. so, I work from home doing surveys, that is all, I do not sell anything, nor am I the scammer that I am repeatedly called.

On a recent call I go through my introduction and ask for a few minutes of the guys time and I can hear the phone being shuffled around, no answer and I assume he is trying to hang up, NO, this guy has seriously put his phone to his ass and cut one long nasty sounding fart! He then asks me if I heard his answer. Being a smart-ass by nature , I inform him that I am in no way affected by that and he is the one that has now shit on his phone and is holding it to his face. He calls me a fucking bitch and hangs up. Totally worth being called the name to get to tell him how stupid he was though.

What do you think?

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