Been at my first call center job for a month and want to quit

Hello all. I was just looking for some advice. I was looking for a remote job and came across a position for a customer service job for a company. I was excited when I received an email for an interview the morning after I applied. I got the job which is a full time seasonal position. I was sent the equipment of a desktop with two monitors. I was in training for three weeks and this was my first week on my own. I’ve hated it everyday. Initially I thought it wouldn’t be as stressful when researching the company but I quickly found out that the company does sales/customer service for 20 other companies as well. We help people place orders for products and provide customer service for their orders.
They use a very outdated DOS system for order entry along with another program you have to fill out the customer info and call notes on at the same time. Many times I’m not finished inputting the information they want before the customer disconnects and the next call comes in the queue. It gives 5 seconds between calls. I’ve spent my breaks trying to catch up so I don’t get in trouble for taking my status off calls. Being remote I can only call a “supervisor” for help on difficult calls but sometimes they’re busy helping other reps or no one is available. Customers on the phone get very upset because I can’t help them and I can’t get ahold of someone to help them. I waited for one for 16 min today and no one ever answered because it was after 5 on a Friday and I don’t think many people work that late.
I also haven’t been adjusting well to sitting for long periods. (My background is in bartending and libraries. I have a bachelors degree in political science from a good school but didn’t end up liking the field.) My neck and back hurt 24/7. I’m having horrible anxiety and actually threw up before work today. I have never quit a job this early , I’ve been at every job I’ve ever had for at least a year. It also pays very well hourly although no benefits and can be laid off at any time. should I just quit or give it some more time? I never thought working at a call center would be easy but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

What do you think?

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