A tiny annoyance of being a non- traditional alarm company

The program I work is a medical Alarm company.

Like any or most I guess alarm company alarms need to be reset after they are checked.

Now most of the time our Alarms result not in a someone getting arrested or a fire being put out, but someone’s loved one being taken to the hospital. 90% of the time we can remote reset the alarm.

That 10% though?
Oh boy.
Either the person who is subscribed for to our serves has to push a button (either help or reset) or we have to call a responder to do. If we can’t get one of those people (which can be like 4 different people) we have to call EMS.

And EMS doesn’t seem to think a medical alarm is as important as a fire alarm or burglary alarm. How many times have I been told that they won’t dispatch, how many times have I had to tell them that not dispatching is just going to result in multiple calls to them as the alarm keeps seeing itself as unresolved and sending for help?

Too. Many. Fucking. Times.

I understand that it’s seems like a waste of time and resources but that’s why we ask them to push those buttons before the leave and only call them as a last resort. Just, send someone, we don’t care if you send a cop and fine them, just… Don’t make us have to call you all night long, every thirty minutes, to tie up another dispatcher for 2-5 minutes while you just say no because we will. Yes we wish we could just call their kids too but if they block us or turn off their phone or just don’t answer what can we do?

What do you think?

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