Why do I have an Interest Fee on my statement?

CCI about Interest Fee added onto their account

I know I’m gonna be in for a ride

I follow procedure and ask the reason for why the payment was late, they tell me they sent out a payment by mail

I inform them it takes roughly a week and a half for us to receive and process it

Caller goes on a rant that his due date is on a weekend and that ‘nobody in finance works on weekends’

I explain to them that receiving mailed in payments depend on the postal service in their area, and that they also have the option to make a payment through the online payment portal or on the automated phone service

He says he doesn’t like making payments online and rants about the automated system being difficult

While he’s ranting, I’m already loading up the system that processes and decides if fees can be waived, input his reason and select the Late Fee and Interest Fee

No other fees except the ones he was mad about were on the account, so I can believe what he said about not being late before

I inform him that his request to waive the Late Fee was already processed by the automated phone system and that I’m just processing the Interest Fee to be waived, ~$10

The system accepts it being waived and I inform him, he calms down and asks for a due date change

I switch to the system that process it, read out the disclosures and all the stuff he needs to know (only done every certain amount of months, his upcoming due date isn’t changed and when the change will actually happen, etc.)

He agrees to everything, I ask him if he needs anything else, he says he doesn’t need anything else, I note the account and say goodbye

Compared to the caller I had to deal with in my last post, this one was less stressful

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