Well that was a first

I’ve been in my position about 10 months now and most calls are usually quick and easy regarding general info, or a run of the mill transaction.

Had a sweet old man call in today about something very general and although he’s not eligible for the transaction type yet, he just wanted to know how it works and if he needs to be proactive.

After 10 mins, he felt like he had an understanding and at the end he goes “By chance, is your supervisor available for me to speak to?”

I kind of got nervous for a moment because the call went well, I was polite per usual and he wasn’t annoyed or anything. Then he goes on “I’d just really like to twist their arm a little and make sure they know how wonderful you are at your job.”

What! It was really flattering but unfortunately none of my supervisors were available and, to be honest, this is not a call they would usually let me send over. I told him there’s a survey at the end and he could leave a voice message too.. which he said he would do. But then he asked if I could just send my supervisor a message with his number and have them reach out when they can.

It made my day. Had kind of a rough morning with a doctor appt and it really cheered me up. Especially since I didn’t do anything special, just had patience and explained things in different ways until he understood it. Makes me wonder if he’s had any recent bad experiences calling somewhere else and was just surprised that I was nice to him.

What do you think?

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Complaints are going to be falling about laughing over this one, we think.

Phone numbers are more special than SSN I guess?