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I had to learn patience doing this job, but some people make my blood boil.
I work for a delivery company, we pick up stuff from point A and bring it to point B. MANY things can happen inbetween that I am not able to forsee, especially if the pickup hasn’t even happened.

This guy calls from outside our area, I ask him again to confirm where he lives and offer him the number of the branch that operates in his area. He says no, that he wants me to help because he has received a confusing message about a pick up and wants to know if he will have to go pick up the parcel himself at his branch or if we will deliver at his home.

I explain, again, that I don’t know. If he has received a message that alerts him that the parcel is about to be collected, the shipment does not exist yet and I cannot know, but I’m sure that my collegues in his area will be happy to help him once the parcel is in their hands.
Here the best part, he says ‘how can they know if the will deliver or if I have to pick it up of they don’t have the parcel yet!!’. Which is exactly what I explained.

No, this answer is not enough. He wants to know why we send out such confusing messages. I explain that he can track the pick up and future shipment with that message. He says ok and becomes quiet. I remind him to call his local branch to manage the delivery.

He says ok and goes quiet again. So I say goodbye. At this he becomes enraged again and starts screaming that I am crazy and his wife in the background even worse. He says I need patience, I said I didn’t have any for someone that screams and cusses me out. He screamed even harder that I am here to liste to him and told me to go f* myself.

I wished him a good day.

We have a 0 tolerance policy on screaming and the likes in my office.

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