This job is sometimes really dark

So my job is to answer several call lines where we at least attempt to help customers with any problem they have. Usually that means ordering taxis, providing people with addresses, phone numbers and finding out who owns a car that is parked wrong. Sometimes elderly people ask help with their phones/computers etc. I do this work exclusively at night.

The problem is that I get a lot of very distressing calls. Often a caller tells that their wife, child or someone is hospitalised, but they dont know where. Late night callers want to open up to me. Yesterday 80-something-lady told me about how her doctor raped her in her youth and a middle aged man told me that he just wants to die these days.

Then perhaps the worst is that one of our numbers is waaay too close to the local emergency number. I have been called by a man having a heart attack, a woman telling how her husband is trying to burn their house etc. A few nights ago was perhaps the worst one. A man attempted to self report that he had just beaten up his wife, who now needs and ambulance. The wife was screaming/sobbing very loudly in the background.

There is a lot I like about my job, and it is actually very well compensated for something that requires no formal education. But sometimes these calls are a bit much.

What do you think?

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