Question my competence or integrity, will you?

My followers will know how I roll: if you pay me respect, you get it back with interest; if you give me grief, you won’t know what hit you.

This lady was a real piece of work though. Dialogue edited for clarity. I’ll be Me, she will be Bad Attitude (BA).

(Ring ring)

Me: Good afternoon, (my office), this is MazdaValiant, how may I assist you?

BA: Hello there! I’m looking to make a reservation.

(We go through the usual song and dance of making a reservation)

Me: It looks like I have (room) in (hotel). Based on (rate), that’s (price).

BA: That’s not what I see on your website. Do you know what you’re talking about? Do we need to get the manager?

Me: Ma’am, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know what I’m doing.

BA: Sir, go on your website. I’m looking at it, you’re telling me something different. That’s called bait and switch. Attorney generals don’t like that.

Me: (looks over website, just humoring her, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt…for now. She’s not threatening me)

Me: Okay, let’s do it! (Gathers reservation info, and we end up making it for the same night)

BA: That gets me tickets for today and tomorrow, right?

Me: No, for tomorrow and (day after).

BA: Can you make sure I get a view of the lifts?

Me: I can certainly note that request, but I can’t promise it.

BA: You can’t be that crowded or full. So why can’t you promise it?

Me: This office doesn’t assign the room. The front desk does.

BA: Sir, you’re being very sketchy right now.

(Right now, it’s taking every modicum of self-control I have to refrain from giving this “lady” a piece of my mind.)

Me: Anything else I can assist with?

BA: No. (Click)

So now I take it upon myself to assign a clean room…which happens to be the exact opposite of what she requested.

Then I contact the front desk to give them a heads-up that they have a new arrival, which is standard procedure. I also tell them a little about the interaction. They think BA might be a problem. Yeah, she gave me that vibe. They say they’ll inform their supervisor, and that they appreciate the warning.

Once again, if you talk to me in a cordial manner, I will go to the ends of the known galaxy to make sure you have the best experience possible. Questioning my competence and my integrity, on the other hand, is filed under giving me grief.

What do you think?

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