“None of your customer service numbers work.”

I work with a bank’s credit card division. Today, we have a caller that might have had an issue worth calling about, but he’s concerned about none of the phone numbers working. In order to stall & pull up his account, I ask him what number he called. He gives me the number (We have multiple products that would all have different phone numbers that go to the same place). I tell him to always call the number on the back of his credit card. He argues with me that this has never happened before and that we should check on it. At this point I’m ignoring this whole thing as I am yet to know WHY he called in the first place. He ignores this attempt to get on with the call & again asks “Are you going to look into it?” I BS some answer that doesn’t satisfy him & it ends with me just disconnecting. I go to break and then realize, “How did he even get through to me if NONE of the phone numbers worked?”

What do you think?

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