“Meter Readings are the customer’s responsibility”

I’ve just got off about an hour on the phone with a customer and I needed to vent…

Background:working for a utility company, if we don’t get meter readings then we’ll estimate your usage, if we don’t get them for a very long time we might have to revert to industry standard estimates(or something like that). Once you give us a reading we’ll likely need some regular ones to make sure we don’t revert back to those incorrect estimates.

TLDR our system likes regular staedy information to bill on.

So to the customer. He’s not given a reading in over 2 years, we’ve not had access to get them ourself, we send a message every month in various ways asking for readings and have 0 response.

The above estimates then revert to standard and his bill jumps by about £400 a month. Not good.

Of course he’s busy so he only noticed by accident. He’s been to busy to even look at his bills for over 2 years. He now wants us to guarantee a limit on his bills that we’ll never exceed a certain amount. Well with regular readings that won’t happen I tell him. He doesn’t believe that. He feels that with the informations he’s given us can just continue to bill estimates like we used to because they’re closer to what he’s used.

I explain why I can’t guarantee this without regular readings. He doesn’t see the problem, he thinks he’s worked out how our system should work and wants it to do as he says. I know from 4 years experience that we need more than 1 reading out of the blue.

I’m so sick of dealing with “this is how I think you can fix this”. As opposed to finding some middle ground between what’s right and what the system and regulations allow.

What do you think?

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