If any one of y’all have had the misfortune of being called by one of my grandmothers, I apologize on her behalf.

She will purposely call the bank, insurance, medicare, social security, or whatever entity she has business with for the sole purpose of petty complaining. It goes beyond complaining. She will turn it into a diatribe on how she’s had the hardest life in the world, her adult kids don’t love her, and she prays to God to be taken soon…. Trust me, I feel sorry that my family members have had to witness it. I feel even more sorry for the worker on the other end who has to put up with it for the sake of income. She will purposely answer the computer scam calls just to fight with them. And I shit you not, she has demanded to talk with the CEOs and presidents of whoever she is calling. On quite a few occasions.

One instance I can remember is her calling an internet company that’s now faded to obscurity. She was getting frustrated with a payment problem. Then she asked that question “Where am I even calling???” “So I’ve been talking to someone in India?!” My grandmother insulted this poor man before hanging up and ranting about the “Hindu idiot”. Yeah, it’s no secret in our family she’s racist. My close friend works as a tech support guy for a giant tech company. He is very grateful she doesn’t buy any of their products.

She’s 80 and mentally ill, but her purposely bothering CSRs should not be condoned. So I want to say if y’all might have been contacted by her at some point, I am sorry.

What do you think?

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