Dont interrupt and dont rush you? You got it.

This situation is related to one of my posts where the customer refuses to let me lead the call and adds an unnecessary amount of talk.

I work in an account that handle multiple tour companies.

Caller comes in asking for availability and some discount coupons.

Seeing that there are only 6 spots left (she neede 5), i proceed to tell her so and that if she wants it now then we need to book asap. Instead, she proceeds to ask if i could apply anymore discounts to her trip. I explain that we can only use one.

She then proceeds to talk about her relatives etc and they were visiting from out of town blah blah blah. And i’m there trying to interject asking her to make a decision.

She eventually says yes and i start the process by getting her details. I kid you not she goes even slower and spelling her name one letter at a time. By the time we get to her card she had interrupted me at least 6 times repeating her name and number despite me saying i got it.

I was finally able to get her details and when i attempt to book it…guess what happens?

SOLD OUT. Now I have to stay on the line fucking longer as we try and find other times which fits. She finally got the clue as to why I sounded so insistant on booking asap and gave quick answers and was booked for a trip.

What could have been a 4minute call turned into 12mins. She was also charged a higher price than originally quoted. All because she didnt want me to lead the call.

What do you think?

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