Customer threatened to make youtube video and write article because he does not get what he wants

This morning I got a call from someone who was furious because he did not receive any updates on his repair after 8 days. He won’t stop complaining on how it is a bad communication and told me to stop talking multiple times when I tried to assure him of the situation. So I tried and contacted different departments to get more information on the issue and sure enough no one wants to take over the call even though its not my scope of support of that point. When I explained to the customer there is a delay he got CRAZY. He kept bitting on the issue that no one contacted him (apparently it can take 14 days for an update). Besides the fact that he was rude and obnoxious the whole time, he kept giving me lessons and said that he knows how things work around here. Also yelled i was no help whatsoever

Got him to a supervisor, he tried to get my name down for giving me bad review (and he made it clear of that), called me stupid with the supervisor and said I need “help” and threatened to make a video saying how shitty the customer service was. He would also write an article on the Newspaper about it

He got agitated the moment someone said “i need to reach out to someone” because for him it is passing the rope to someone else (and we all know that for a call center there is different departments for everything). And he kept yelling his conspiracy theory that we trying to ditch him . Also claimed that he is the ceo of some technology company and he will make our company suffer.

What do you think?

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