Client Doesn’t Like Our Price and Expects Us to Get the Price She Wants

I work at a travel agency call center. A supervisor from another department warm transferred a client to me, already a sign I was going to be dealing with somebody difficult.

The supervisor explains the client wants flights from a low cost carrier but they don’t sell for that airline like our department can. The client also wanted to use credit card points that our department is able to use toward the booking.

I agreed to accept the call and here is how it goes. I’m going to refer to the client as LCC, Low Cost Client/Low Cost Carrier.

Me: Thank you, LCC, I was advised you wanted to book flights on a particular airline and use card points?

LCC: That’s correct.

Me: \*pulls up flights\* Okay so your flights for two people will be $350, which in points is-

LCC: \*interrupts\* No, hold on, the price I’m seeing is $250 for two people.

Me: Are you seeing that on the airline website?

LCC: Yes

Me: \*looks at website\* That appears to be a special fare, available only by booking online directly with the airline.

LCC: Can’t you get me that price?

Me: This is the lowest price I can get you.

LCC: Well, can \*you\* call the airline then and get that price for me?

At the time she called, airline hold times were exceeding 2+ hours even with our special support lines due to bad weather. Also, I knew the airline was going to tell me that she had to book direct. It would be a waste of time.

Me: If you would like that price, you will need to book directly. The good news is that you will be able to earn the same amount of points when you use you card to book directly with the airline as well as us.

LCC: I told you, I want to USE my points.

Me: I can assist you with that based on the lowest price I quoted you.

LCC: But your price is higher than what I’m getting! Can’t you get a supervisor to go call the airline and get the fare?

Me: \*trying not to laugh at her thinking a supervisor would be of any help here\* A supervisor is not going to be able get that fare either. I understand you like that fare and fares change quickly, you can choose to book directly on the airline and secure that price and then contact the Credit Card Points team to apply points toward it once the charges go through.

LCC: Won’t I have to use more points since I didn’t go through you?

Me: Unfortunately yes. But if you book with us, even with the higher price, you would use less points overall.

LCC: \*still persisting\* But I want the price from the airline! Can you call the airline?

Me: \*pushing back\* As stated, that fare must be booked directly with the airline and you are more than welcome to book with the-

LCC finally hangs up on me. To be clear, we typically serve clientele who book first class tickets on full service carriers. We do book for some low cost carriers but most do not allow us to sell their lowest fare. While there’s nothing wrong with being frugal, her escalating with one department and attempting to escalate again with my department and arguing over the $100 price difference when she spends thousands of dollars a month is something else.

What do you think?

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