Why won’t you listen?!?!?!?!?


Had a call today, I work website tech assistance for a big credit card company. Caller comes up I offer to help. She is ignoring all my questions and clicking on whatever and just typing in random info. I’m not even sure if she is on our website because the things she is reading off is not familiar. Between her random mumbling I ask her what are you trying to do, she says activate my card. I check and it already activated and inform her so. She keeps trying to activated card…. I inform her another 3 times it’s already activated so you can stop. Now she says she wants to log in. Okay I can do that, im a pro over 15 years at this. Ask her to leave the activation page, 20 minutes still trying to activated the cars. I literally asked her if she can hear me, she says yes, I replied good can you please follow my instructions so I can help you with the login. Apparently she found that to be rude and started to get aggressive. I told her I’m not trying to be rude but you are asking for my help but you are not allowing me to help you. For 80 minutes you have been trying to activate a card that I have told you dozens of times that is activated. If you want my help you need to let me help you. Ahe said I never told her the card was activated. I almost lost it. Told her when she is ready to be helped you are welcome to call back and I hung up. 2 hours wasted. There will be no repercussion because they don’t monitor calls that long. Anyway f that bitch, I hope the worst for her.


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