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So I work in a banking call centre and did my time in personal banking which was a learning curve to say the least. Very stat driven with a particular set of customers that were – ehhh at best (at worst a nightmare) tbf the stats and being fpoc meant you never built a customer relationship it was very much answer phone deal efficiently (not effectively) and finish call or pass off ASAP – typical call centre with too many calls / too few staff and lots of angry customers who have been waiting 40 mins before they even speak to you
After a couple of years I changed departments within the same company and it is genuinely more customer focused. There is still a long call wait (but not to the same extent) but you stay on the phone until the customer’s issue is resolved – if a call drops you always call them back. If you can’t sort something immediately you follow up and take yourself off line to do so. There are still metrics but the TLs and above are very much ‘that’s for us to worry about – keep doing what you are doing’
So basically I have seen 2 different roles – and the management of each makes a huge difference to how I feel about my job. I am
Older (mid 50s) and newish 3 years) to a call centre environment at leat comparatively for you working life- previously hospital/schools/solicitors)
My question is really does anyone enjoy their role and feel supported? I do in my current role – and have experienced the downside too. (Don’t get me wrong customers can still be dicks but at least I am not being failed on calls for their dickishness now 😂). Just asking to see if anyone will comment with some positives


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