The dedication…


So, I work overnight shifts in cab dispatch, it was a pretty standard Friday night of people getting cabs home from the pubs.
After about 3am it died off and not many people were calling, so I’m just relaxing and thinking all’s well and good.
Just after 4am, this lady rings up a cab, I made a booking, everything seems normal, but when the driver got there, she was demanding the driver to take her quite a long way for only $15, driver refused and called me to let me know, I cancelled the booking and thought that was it.
About 5 minutes later she calls again in an attempt to rebook, I explain to her I’m not sending her a car due to lack of funds, unless she pays the correct total over the phone, started making excuses then hung up. (She did sound quite intoxicated)
She calls again, (keep in mind that I am the only person in the call centre operating everything) I explain to her the same thing, hangs up again, and because earlier in the night I was abused by a couple of drunks, I was really not in the mood for any crap from anyone.
She calls a third time, I hang up immediately because I really didn’t want to explain to her again.
Calls back again, I hang up, less than a minute later, calls again, cycle repeats for **2 HOURS** until the end of my shift, she called well over ONE HUNDRED times and the system racked up an average 11-12 calls every 15 minutes because of her, the fucking dedication to try and call to book.
When I clocked out and my changeover walked in, she was still trying to call, and according to my colleague, for an additional 2 hours after I finished my shift, a total of 4 fucking hours, this lady would not give up.
the dedication… it’s beyond me…

TLDR, woman thinks being persistent will get her a free ride, calls well over 100 times


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