That flight is JFK to Tokyo not LA to Chicago, her seat number is useless, do you have anything that’s accurate, relevant or even helpful in any way?

I work for the red white and blue airline in reservations and had a clearly elderly man call in asking where a flight was landing at O’Hare the next day from LAX. Gives me her seat number, itinerary, time, everything but what I need.

I ask for a flight number. I get a flight from Japan to NYC. I tell him I can’t use that number as it’s not accurate, does he have a confirmation code. Starts babbling off something that’s not a locator for our airline.

I explain without this information I can’t help and will need to disconnect.

Ten minutes he yells at me about this and I’m wrong and how should he find out where it lands?

I suggest calling her and get a rant about texting. I finally explained I couldn’t help him and would have to disconnect and did.

My buddy next to me felt so bad for me.

What do you think?

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