Some Customer Questions you can’t answer because they make no sense.

Customer calls, says she has tried to send an email but it doesn’t work.

I ask what department are you trying to send it to, I can email them the information for you,or I can give you my email address.

Client says *i’m emailing 00006 3425611 and every time a voice tells me to choose option 1 2 or 3*

Oh, you’re trying to telephone? which department do you want, again I can contact them for you if you’d like

*no its an email, it has an at sign in it*

Ok, is it a phone number or an email? Here is the company email address,

*if I use that email address will they make me choose different options coz I don’t wanna do that*

Emails don’t work like that.Please tell me the department you need and the information you want to give them and I will do it for you.

To someone in the background – *this woman won’t tell me how to navigate the options on the email system*

What do you think?

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